Head to Yea for Australia Day weekend fun

Lots of surprises are promised for the Yea Arts Carnivale over the Australia Day weekend in January, 2016. Yes, there will be art, music, food, wine and other local produce, but there will also be so much more.

This will be the third Arts Carnivale for Yea and the artists, musicians and craftspeople of this historic, pretty town have been preparing for this January’s event since the last one’s finale.

Come and see the marvellous work of local farmers and their families with the imaginative hay-bale art. This will be in Yea and also seen on all approaches to the town, setting the mood for a fun time.

The 2016 Yea Arts Carnivale will be officially opened at 6pm Friday, 22 January at Yea’s historic Railway Station precinct continuing with a diverse arts program for every age until Australia Day.


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